Bi-Monthly Zinescription – No Rhyme or Reason Zine

Introducing my first ever Zinescription! No Rhyme or Reason will be a bi-monthly zine full of, well, whatever I decide to put into each one. I would expect things like musings on books and television, thoughts about my Year Of Not Sharing, original drawings and comics (including coloring pages), creative/art instructional, angst and/or humor, (hopefully grace and wisdom filled) social commentary,  theological and/or devotional features, memoir, Letters to the Editor and (insert basically anything that might interest me that I can translate/transfer into the zine format).


One subscription option will include a small handmade item with three of the six issues.  Handmade items will vary, but mixed-media paintings, handmade journals or hand written/handpainted painted quotes are likely. That option is 12.00 per month. You can also choose a Zines-Only option which is 8.00 per month. Each issue will be at least 32 pages and no more than 48 pages, and shipping is included.

Zinescription Payment Options

Eventually I might try to get others interested in making paper zines themselves, hopefully enough people that I can start a very small zine distro.  But for now, please subscribe to No Rhyme or Reason so you can get a real package in the mail every other month.